What some of our clients have to say…

“Can’t wait to work with you again. First off, thanks again for two insightful sessions of brainstorming and writing. You guys really helped me express myself to produce the best essay I could. Keep doing what you’re doing! I will certainly be recommending AMP Advisors to some of my younger friends.”  – 2016-2017 applicant

“I’d like to thank you both for being so wonderful with my MIT application and allowing me to learn a little more about myself through your observations. I’m really grateful to have received your help and guidance…”  – Akanksha, 2016-2017 applicant

“Dear Amanda, I personally want to thank you and Meghna for putting in a lot of effort and your support in all this. It is truly amazing to have the both of you helping me for university.” – Rohan, 2016-2017 applicant

“Amanda was a huge help with my daughter’s admissions process. There are hundreds of high quality U.S. colleges and universities to choose from. Amanda helped us figure out which universities would be a good match for my daughter based on her skills, interests and personality, and based on the financial aid that we would need. She then guided my daughter through the application process. Amanda gave us valuable insight into what the colleges are looking for in the applications, and even reviewed my daughter’s essays. As a result, my daughter was accepted to multiple colleges and universities. She will be headed to Smith College in the fall.”  – Emily Keller, 2015-2016 application cycle parent

From our workshops…

“I liked how we got a more comprehensive insight into the application process from alumni who had similar experiences.” – Applicant

“I got a clear idea about the essay and application. I know what the university wants from me as a student.” – Applicant

“It was a fun way to learn about applications we send to colleges and what they expect from us.” – Applicant

“The talk was very ‘to the point.’ There was no beating around the bush.” – Applicant

“The workshop has given me a lot more clarity in analysing myself and my personality.” – Applicant

“One thing I loved was integrating participants in the process through the different exercises.” – Applicant

“One thing I loved was no Power Point presentation!” – Parent