Meghna Prasad


Meghna Prasad received her BA in Economics with honors from Smith College and her MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Over a 14-year corporate career in the United States and India spanning health care, pharma, brand consulting, and software development, Meghna interviewed and helped recruit recent graduates into a variety of roles. She managed and mentored many of them early in their career paths. A generalist to the core, she has become a passionate advocate for a liberal arts education in preparing young people for evolving career paths and becoming engaged citizens.

Meghna’s love of editing started with her very first job, and continues to be a key focus and source of fulfilment for her in supporting applicants on both undergraduate and MBA applications. She enjoys helping clients tell their unique stories and articulate their goals through their essays and interviews. She takes pride in launching MBA applicants into their dream programs and finding the right school fit for each undergraduate applicant.

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