MBA, Other Master’s & Ph.D. Programs

For candidates considering graduate study (MBA, other Master’s programs, Ph.D programs, fellowships), we provide the following services as part of a customised plan for each individual.

ASSESS: Prior to the application process

Before you begin the process, after reviewing your education, work experience, service, leadership, and other achievements, we not only advise you on top global graduate programs that would be good fits, but also give you a general plan on how to put your best foot forward during the application process. This includes an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, strategies for presentation, and initial brainstorming for essay topics.

MENTOR: During the application process

We assist you through the graduate application writing process from beginning to end:

  • Advise on appropriate programs for which you are a good fit and assist you in prioritising your selections
  • Structure a calendar with hard dates for completing various elements of your applications, with an emphasis on drafting your essays
  • Brainstorm with you to help refine topic choices and approaches to writing your essays and/or research proposals
  • Work with you to edit and rework your essays and/or research proposals, as necessary, to present a compelling story to admissions officers
  • Guide you on obtaining meaningful recommendation letters as a complement to your own writing
  • Run regular meetings with follow-up to help keep you on track

POLISH: Submitting the application and beyond

Application review: We read through your entire final application to ensure there are no missteps or errors.

Interview preparation: We advise you on how to approach interviews and video submissions so that you enter them with greater confidence and with improved effect.

Acceptance strategy: Once the letters come in, we guide you on your ‘accept’, ‘waitlist’ or ‘reject’ offers.