High School

I. ASSESS: Prior to the application process

Prior to 11th Standard: An advisory session during the earlier high school years is helpful for strategising your child’s ‘resume.’ After determining his or her individual strengths and interests, we assist with curriculum and course selection and work out a plan to augment your child’s transcript with potential projects, initiatives, volunteer work, summer courses or internships that emphasise individual talents and create opportunities for personal growth. 

Hourly, on-demand and retainer-based plan options available starting in 9th.

11th Or 12th Standard: After reviewing your child’s transcripts, coursework, and extracurricular interests and activities, we not only advise you on U.S. colleges that might be good fits, but also give your child a general plan on how to put his or her best foot forward during the application process. This includes an assessment of your child’s strengths and weaknesses, strategies for presentation, and initial brainstorming for essay topics. We provide advice about early admission applications, gap years, and other strategic issues.

Standalone Assessment and retainer-based plan available starting in 11th.

II. MENTOR: During the application process

We assist your child through the college application writing process from beginning to end for up to eight schools, including up to two ‘select’ schools.

  • Advise on appropriate schools for which your child is a good fit and assist in prioritising his or her selections
  • Structure a calendar with hard dates for completing various elements of your child’s applications
  • Brainstorm with your child to help refine topic choices and approaches to write essays
  • Work with your child to edit and rework essays as necessary to present a compelling story to admissions officers
  • Guide your child on obtaining meaningful recommendation letters as a complement to his or her own writing
  • Run regular meetings with follow-up to help keep your child on track

III. POLISH: Submitting the application and beyond

We bring it all together at submission time by doing the following:

Application review: We read through your child’s entire final application to ensure there are no missteps or errors.

Interview preparation: We advise your child on how to approach interviews so that he or she enters them with greater confidence and with improved effect.

Acceptance strategy: Once the letters come in, we guide you on your child’s ‘accept’, ‘waitlist’ or ‘reject’ offers.


External Application Review

We use our network of former admissions officers to get three external reviewers to read through your child’s entire final application (i.e., not just the essays). You receive the honest feedback your child needs, with guidance to improve and polish his or her presentation wherever it is warranted.

Mock Interview (Videotaped)

We provide post-interview feedback and advice that will allow your child to enter interviews with greater confidence and with improved effect.

U.S. Preparatory School/Summer Course Application Assistance Package

We provide similar application support to those of you with children applying to competitive preparatory schools or academic summer programs in the United States.

Academic Life Coaching