A graduate of Yale University, where she studied Art History and Religious Studies. A recruited athlete, she was a proud member of both the U.S. Junior National Rowing Team and the Yale Women’s Crew.

Amanda Miller

As a long-standing member of Yale University’s Alumni Schools Committee in India, Amanda interviewed and evaluated dozens of university applicants. Through these interviews and post-interview guidance, she realized that too many students do not fully understand what differentiates the American liberal arts style of education, and that overseas applicants often have poor or no advice on how best to present their candidacy.

She became inspired to focus on formally helping students navigate the complex college and graduate school application process, helping them achieve admissions to their dream schools both in the U.S. and in other geographies. Amanda finds great joy in working with young people and advising students during the college preparation, application, and decision process.

Amanda remains a specialist in Asian art and a veteran of the art auction industry, having spent the majority of her career at Bonhams in San Francisco and New York. She regularly appeared on television in a variety of appraisal shows, including PBS’s Antiques Roadshow and HGTV’s Appraise It!, among others. She has lived in Asia since 2008 with her husband and daughter, first in Bangalore and now in Singapore.


Received her BA in Economics cum laude from Smith College, with her junior year abroad at the University of Geneva and a Five-College Certificate in International Relations. Completed her MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Meghna Prasad

Meghna enjoys helping clients tell their unique stories and articulate their goals through their essays and interviews. Her love of editing started with her very first job, and continues to be a key focus and source of fulfilment for her in supporting applicants on school, undergraduate, and graduate applications.

Over her 14-year corporate career in the United States and India spanning healthcare consulting, pharmaceuticals, brand design, and software development, Meghna interviewed and helped recruit recent graduates and senior executives into a variety of roles. She managed and mentored many early in their careers. A generalist to the core, she is a passionate advocate for a liberal arts education in preparing young people for evolving career paths, contributing positively to our world, and becoming engaged citizens.

Meghna has lived in Europe, the United States, and India at different points in her life, and now calls Bangalore home, where she lives with her husband and daughter.

Why Work With Us?

You aspire for a transformational education for a successful future. We have gone down that path and know how to approach it. We help you connect the dots between school, college, graduate school, and larger life dreams.

We do not believe this can be a one-size-fits-all approach. We invest personalized effort into understanding individual needs and strengths. This could mean helping a student develop better study habits or helping another to make a positive contribution.

The application process can be overwhelming in complexity. We break it down into simple steps, leveraging the right partner resources. The skills we teach serve our applicants through their actual degree program years!

Our support does not end with submitting applications. Our mentorship extends to the decision-making process and well beyond – even in college itself. We understand that higher education is a vital launchpad for our client’s dreams and aspirations.